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Template:Infobox settlement Pavlodar Region (Template:Lang-kk) is a region of Kazakhstan. Its capital is the city of Pavlodar, which has a population of 322,851. The population of the region: Template:Kz-census2009 Template:Kz-census1999 Pavlodar borders Russia to the north, and also borders the following Kazakh regions: Akmola (to the west), East Kazakhstan (to the south-east), North Kazakhstan (to the north-west), and Karaganda (to the south). Many people, especially Ukrainians, migrated to Pavlodar in Nikita Khrushchev's Virgin Lands Campaign.

The Irtysh River flows from the Altay Mountains in China to Russia through the region; the Irtysh–Karaganda Canal crosses the western part of the region, taking some of the river's water to Ekibastuz and Karaganda.

Bayanaul National Park is located in the region within 100 km of Ekibastuz.

Administrative divisions

The region is administratively divided into ten districts and the cities of Pavlodar, Aksu, and Ekibastuz.[1]

  1. Aktogay District, with the administrative center in the selo of Aktogay;
  2. Bayanaul District, the selo of Bayanaul;
  3. Ertis District, the selo of Ertis;
  4. Kashyr District, the selo of Kashyr;
  5. Lebyazhye District, the selo of Akku;
  6. May District, the selo of Koktobe;
  7. Pavlodar District, the city of Pavlodar;
  8. Sharbakty District, the selo of Sharbakty;
  9. Uspen District, the selo of Uspenka;
  10. Zhelezin District, the selo of Zhelezinka.

* Three localities in Pavlodar Region have town status. These are Pavlodar, Aksu, and Ekibastuz.[2]

Demographics (2007 Jan)

File:Ob watershed.png
The Irtysh and Ob Rivers, and their basins.

Pavlodar Region hosts a diverse range of ethnic groups:[3]

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