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The 2015 Kazakhstan Premier League is the 24th season of the Kazakhstan Premier League, the highest football league competition in Kazakhstan. The season began in March 2015 and finished in November. Astana were the defending champions having won their first league championship the previous year.


Spartak Semey was relegated at the end of the 2014 season, and were replaced by Okzhetpes.

Team overview

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Team Location Venue Capacity
Aktobe Aktobe Aktobe Central Stadium 15,000
Astana Astana Astana Arena 30,000
Atyrau Atyrau Munaishy Stadium 8,690
Irtysh Pavlodar Pavlodar Central Stadium 15,000
Kairat Almaty Almaty Central Stadium 25,057
Kaisar Kyzylorda Gany Muratbayev Stadium 7,500
Okzhetpes Kokshetau Okzhetpes Stadium 4,158
Ordabasy Shymkent Kazhimukan Munaitpasov Stadium 35,000
Shakhter Karagandy Shakhter Stadium 20,000
Taraz Taraz Taraz Central Stadium 11,525
Tobol Kostanay Kostanay Central Stadium Template:010,500
Zhetysu Taldykorgan Zhetysu Stadium Template:04,000

Personnel and kits

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players and Managers may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

Team Manager Captain Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
Aktobe Template:Flagicon Ioan Andone Template:Flagicon Yuriy Logvinenko Adidas
Astana Template:Flagicon Stanimir Stoilov Template:Flagicon Tanat Nusserbayev Adidas Samruk-Kazyna
Atyrau Template:Flagicon Vladimir Nikitenko Template:Flagicon Guy Essame Nike
Irtysh Template:Flagicon Dimitar Dimitrov Template:Flagicon Samat Smakov Nike ENRC
Kairat Template:Flagicon Vladimír Weiss Template:Flagicon Bauyrzhan Islamkhan Nike KazRosGaz
Kaisar Template:Flagicon Fyodor Shcherbachenko Template:Flagicon Martin Klein Nike
Okzhetpes Template:Flagicon Vladimir Mukhanov Template:Flagicon Alibek Buleshev Adidas
Ordabasy Template:Flagicon Viktor Kumykov Template:Flagicon Kairat Ashirbekov Adidas TAU
Shakhter Template:Flagicon Ihor Zakharyak Template:Flagicon Aldin Đidić Adidas
Taraz Template:Flagicon Evgeny Yarovenko Template:Flagicon Dmitri Yevstigneyev Nike
Tobol Template:Flagicon Sergey Maslenov Template:Flagicon Nurbol Zhumaskaliyev Joma
Zhetysu Template:Flagicon Ivan Azovskiy Template:Flagicon Andrey Pasechenko Puma

Foreign players

The number of foreign players is restricted to eight per KPL team. A team can use only five foreign players on the field in each game.

Club Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Player 6 Player 7 Player 8
Aktobe Template:Flagicon Ciprian Deac Template:Flagicon Marcos Pizzelli Template:Flagicon Danilo Neco Template:Flagicon Anderson Mineiro Template:Flagicon Danilo Template:Flagicon Artūras Žulpa Template:Flagicon Dele Adeleye
Astana Template:Flagicon Marin Aničić Template:Flagicon Roger Cañas Template:Flagicon Patrick Twumasi Template:Flagicon Foxi Kéthévoama Template:Flagicon Branko Ilić Template:Flagicon Nemanja Maksimović Template:Flagicon Denys Dedechko Template:Flagicon Junior Kabananga
Atyrau Template:Flagicon Michael Odibe Template:Flagicon Anton Grigoryev Template:Flagicon Ruslan Fomin Template:Flagicon Guy Essame Template:Flagicon Volodymyr Arzhanov Template:Flagicon Abdoulaye Diakate Template:Flagicon Dmitri Parkhachev Template:Flagicon Ivan Ivanović
Irtysh Template:Flagicon Alassane N'Diaye Template:Flagicon Kostyantyn Dudchenko Template:Flagicon Tomáš Jirsák Template:Flagicon Carlos Fonseca Template:Flagicon Fernander Kassaï Template:Flagicon Evandro Roncatto Template:Flagicon Ferreira Template:Flagicon Mustapha Jarju
Kairat Template:Flagicon Žarko Marković Template:Flagicon Sito Riera Template:Flagicon Isael Template:Flagicon Gerard Gohou Template:Flagicon Anatoliy Tymoshchuk Template:Flagicon Djordje Despotović Template:Flagicon Serginho Template:Flagicon Bruno Soares
Kaisar Template:Flagicon Martin Klein Template:Flagicon Rimo Hunt Template:Flagicon Sergei Strukov Template:Flagicon Vuk Mitošević Template:Flagicon Josip Knežević Template:Flagicon Anton Matsveenka Template:Flagicon Georgi Karaneychev
Okzhetpes Template:Flagicon Alyaksandr Pawlaw Template:Flagicon Vitali Volkov Template:Flagicon Daniil Chertov Template:Flagicon Oleksandr Chyzhov Template:Flagicon Michal Smejkal Template:Flagicon Luka Rotković Template:Flagicon Ivan Cvetković Template:Flagicon Dmitry Sychev
Ordabasy Template:Flagicon Artem Kasyanov Template:Flagicon Branislav Trajković Template:Flagicon Kyrylo Petrov Template:Flagicon Ivan Božić Template:Flagicon Alexander Geynrikh Template:Flagicon Aleksandar Simčević Template:Flagicon Edin Junuzović
Shakhter Template:Flagicon Nikola Vasiljević Template:Flagicon Mihret Topcagić Template:Flagicon Jan Vošahlík Template:Flagicon Pedro Sass Template:Flagicon Aubrey David Template:Flagicon Desley Ubbink Template:Flagicon Maksym Feshchuk Template:Flagicon Plamen Dimov
Taraz Template:Flagicon Jovan Golić Template:Flagicon Denys Vasilyev Template:Flagicon Oleksandr Yarovenko Template:Flagicon Dmytro Bashlay Template:Flagicon Ioan Mera Template:Flagicon Oleksandr Pyschur Template:Flagicon Izu Azuka Template:Flagicon Alan Gatagov
Tobol Template:Flagicon Serhiy Yavorskyi Template:Flagicon Nenad Šljivić Template:Flagicon Ognjen Krasić Template:Flagicon Uche Kalu Template:Flagicon Tomáš Šimkovič Template:Flagicon Arūnas Klimavičius Template:Flagicon Deivydas Matulevičius
Zhetysu Template:Flagicon Davron Ergashev Template:Flagicon Dušan Savić Template:Flagicon Ruslan Galiakberov Template:Flagicon Ilsur Samigullin Template:Flagicon Aleksei Gerasimov Template:Flagicon Elbeyi Guliyev Template:Flagicon Bobir Davlatov Template:Flagicon Mikhail Petrolay

In bold: Players that have been capped for their national team.

Managerial changes

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Position in table Incoming manager Date of appointment
Tobol Template:Flagicon Vardan Minasyan Sacked 16 April 2015[1] 8th Template:Flagicon Sergei Maslenov (caretaker) 16 April 2015[1]
Zhetysu Template:Flagicon Askar Kozhabergenov Resigned 20 April 2015[2] 12th Template:Flagicon Ivan Azovskiy (caretaker) 20 April 2015[2]
Shakhter Template:Flagicon Vladimir Cheburin Resigned 6 May 2015[3] 12th Template:Flagicon Yevgeni Sveshnikov (caretaker) 8 May 2015[3]
Irtysh Template:Flagicon Dmitri Cheryshev Sacked 8 May 2015[4] 10th Template:Flagicon Sergey Klimov (caretaker) 8 May 2015[4]
Zhetysu Template:Flagicon Ivan Azovskiy (caretaker) End of caretaker role 28 May 2015 12th Template:Flagicon Ivan Azovskiy 28 May 2015[5]
Irtysh Template:Flagicon Sergey Klimov (caretaker) End of caretaker role 1 June 2015 10th Template:Flagicon Dimitar Dimitrov 1 June 2015[6]
Shakhter Template:Flagicon Yevgeni Sveshnikov (caretaker) End of caretaker role 5 June 2015[7] 12th Template:Flagicon Ihor Zakharyak (caretaker) 5 June 2015[7]
Aktobe Template:Flagicon Vladimir Gazzayev 20 July 2015 1st Template:Flagicon Ioan Andone 20 July 2015[8]
Kaisar Template:Flagicon Dmitriy Ogai Resigned 23 July 2015[9] 12th Template:Flagicon Fyodor Shcherbachenko 06 August 2015[10]

Regular season

In the regular season twelve teams played each other home-and-away in a round-robin format for a total of 22 matches per team. The top six teams advanced to the Championship round and the bottom six teams qualified for the Relegation round.[11]

Regular season table

Template:2015 Kazakhstan Premier League Regular Season table

Championship round

The top six teams from Regular season will participate in the Championship round where they will play each other home-and-away in a round-robin format for a total of 10 matches per team. They will start this round with their points from Regular season halved, rounded upwards, and they will keep their Regular season record (matches won, draws, losses and goal differential). After completion of the Championship round the winners will be the Champions of 2015 Kazakhstan Premier League and qualify for 2016–17 UEFA Champions League second qualifying round. The runners-up and third-placed team will qualify for Europa League first qualifying round and the fourth placed team may also qualify for Europa League if they or one of the top three teams wins the 2015 Kazakhstan Cup.[11]

Championship round table

Template:2015 Kazakhstan Premier League Championship Round table

Relegation round

The bottom six teams from Regular season will participate in the Relegation round where they will play each other home-and-away in a round-robin format for a total of 10 matches per team. They will start this round with their points from Regular season halved, rounded upwards, and they will keep their Regular season record (matches won, draws, losses and goal differential). After completion of the Relegation round the winners will be considered 7th-placed team of 2015 Kazakhstan Premier League, the runners-up will be 8th and so on, with the last team being 12th. The 11th-placed team will qualify for Relegation play-off against runners-up of 2015 Kazakhstan First Division, with the loser being eliminated, and the 12th-placed team will be directly relegated to 2016 Kazakhstan First Division as the last-placed team.[11]

Relegation round table

Template:2015 Kazakhstan Premier League Relegation Round table

Relegation play-off

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Top scorers


Rank Player Club Goals
1 Template:Flagicon Gerard Gohou Kairat 22
2 Template:Flagicon Luka Rotković Okzhetpes 13
Template:Flagicon Đorđe Despotović Zhetysu/Kairat
4 Template:Flagicon Dušan Savić Zhetysu 12
5 Template:Flagicon Tanat Nusserbayev Astana 11
6 Template:Flagicon Sergei Khizhnichenko Aktobe 9
Template:Flagicon Oleksandr Pyschur Taraz
8 Template:Flagicon Kostyantyn Dudchenko Irtysh 8
Template:Flagicon Roger Cañas Astana
Template:Flagicon Alibek Buleshev Okzhetpes
Template:Flagicon Edin Junuzović Kaisar/Ordabasy



Player For Against Result Date
Template:Flagicon Gerard Gohou Kairat Tobol 4–0 Template:Dts[13]
Template:Flagicon Nurbol Zhumaskaliyev Tobol Shakhter Karagandy 4–1 Template:Dts[14]
Template:Flagicon Uche Kalu Tobol Zhetysu 3–1 Template:Dts[15]
Template:Flagicon Kostyantyn Dudchenko Irtysh Kaisar 4–2 Template:Dts[16]
Template:Flagicon Gerard Gohou Kairat Okzhetpes 3–1 Template:Dts[17]
Template:Flagicon Sergei Khizhnichenko Aktobe Okzhetpes 4–2 Template:Dts[18]




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