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Template:Infobox football biography Jovan Golić (Template:Lang-sr-cyr, born 18 September 1986 in Vlasenica) is a Bosnian Serb footballer who last played for Kazakh side Taraz.


born in Vlasenica, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, Golić joined youth team of FK Boksit Milići in 1992 and he played there till 2001 when he moved to Serbia and joined youth team of FK Proleter Zrenjanin. After one season with Proleter he joined FK Mladost Luks Lukićevo playing in Serbian League (third tier) where hw debuted as senior in the 2002–03 season. In summer 2005 he moved to FK Bačka Bačka Palanka, and after a year and a half he moved to FK Inđija playing with them till summer 2010 when they archived promotion to the Serbian SuperLiga. However Golić that summer capitalised this highlight and instead of getting a chance to play with the club in Serbian highest level, he accepted a lucrative offer from Russian Premier League side PFC Spartak Nalchik where he had already played half-season on loan from Inđija. He played two season in Russian top-flight with Nalchik and next he moved to Romania signing with CS Turnu Severin.[1]

In December 2013, Golić was in Kazakhstan top league and he moved from FC Atyrau to FC Taraz.[2]



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