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Ile Alatau (Template:Lang-kz), (Template:Lang-ru), also spelt as Trans-Ili Alatau, etc., is a part of the Northern Tian Shan mountain system (ancient Mount Imeon) in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It is the northernmost mountain range of Tian Shan stretching for about 350 km with maximal elevation of 4,973m (Talgar Peak). The term "Alatau" refers to a kind of mountains. The range is bounded from the north by the Ili Depression of the Ili River, hence the name.

The former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, is located at the foot of the range.

Peak Robeson

A mountain summit in the western Tian Shan and Ile Ala-Tau mountains is named after the late African-American entertainer and activist, Paul Robeson who advocated the U.S.-Soviet friendship.[1]

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