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Template:Infobox military unit The Republican Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Template:Lang-kk) is one of the branches of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, along with Land Forces, Naval Forces, Air Defense Forces and the Border Guards. The Republican Guard is designed for protection and defense of residence of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev in Almaty and Astana.

The Republican Guard was established on March 16, 1992, when the President of Kazakhstan signed a decree on their creation. The Republican Guard was established on the basis of a separate brigade of operational designation of the Internal Troops deployed in the village of Ak Zhar, Kaskelen district of Almaty region.[1] Thus the Day of the Republican Guard has been set as March 16.

The Republican Guard is one of the most combat-ready units of the Armed Forces. The Republican Guard is composed of:

  • the 1st RG Brigade in Almaty,
  • the 2nd RG Brigade in Astana,
  • a separate Ceremonial Battalion (with an Honor Guard company and a state symbols protection company) in Astana,
  • a Presidential Band that serves with the honor guard on state occasions and ceremonies.
  • a separate Training Battalion in Almaty and
  • a separate Logistics Battalion in Astana.

The brigades can be compared to a reduced motor rifle regiment (BTR) of the Soviet Army, but without the artillery and tank battalions. In addition to line units, each brigade has a Special Purpose Company (RDA, Russian: рота специального назначения). This company receives training according to the training program of Army reconnaissance units. Furthermore, the members of the RDA companies are trained in hand-to-hand combat, as well as airborne operations.[2]


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