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This is a list of Koryo-saram, also known as Soviet Koreans—the descendants of Korean immigrants to the Russian Far East who were deported to Central Asia in 1937.

In academia

  • Viktor Aleksandrovich Em, Professor, Doctor of Economy, Head of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration.
  • German Kim, head of the Department of Korean Studies at Al-Farabi University, Kazakhstan, and a leading scholar in the history of Koryo saram.
  • Boris Dmitrievich Pak, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Honored Scientific Worker of Russian Federation, academician of Russian Academy of Humanities, Main Research Scholar Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Bella Borisovna Pak, the first Russian Korean woman - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Leading Research Scholar Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences, the chief editor of the series "Russian Koreans.".

In business

  • Vladimir Kim, billionaire businessman from Kazakhstan.
  • Svetlana Kim, American businesswoman of Koryo-saram origin.[1]
  • Pavel Tyo, millionaire, Russian businessman, co-founder of "Capital Group"

In cultural fields

In military

In politics

In sports


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