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Kanysh Imantayuli Satbayev or Kanysh Imantaevich Satpaev (Template:Lang-kz; Template:Lang-ru) (April 11, 1899 – January 31, 1964) is one of the founders of Soviet metallogeny, principal advocate and the first president of Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences.


Satbayev was born in what is today Bayanaul District, in Pavlodar Region. Satbayev's interest in geology was sparked in childhood by Tomsk geologist Mikhail Usov. In 1921, he got admitted to Tomsk Technological Institute (now Tomsk Polytechnic University). After completing his studies in 1926, Satbayev returned to Kazakhstan and became the first qualified Kazakh mining engineer and geologist.[1]

He died in Moscow in 1964, and is buried in Almaty.


Kanysh Satbayev left after himself more than 640 scientific publications. He created Institute of Geology which became the center of studies of Kazakhstan mineral resources.

File:Satpayev monument.jpg
Monument in Kanysh Satpayev's honor in front of Kazakh National Technical University which was named after him

Named after K. Satpayev:


Publications in English
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About him

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