Kabibulla Dzhakupov

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Template:Use dmy dates Template:Infobox MP Kabibulla Kabenovich Dzhakupov (born 16 September 1949) is a Kazakhstani politician and civil engineer. He served as Chairman of the Mazhilis from 3 April 2014 to 25 March 2016. He has served as a member of the Mazhilis since 2007.


Dzhakupov was born on 16 September 1949 in a village in the West Kazakhstan Region. He studied to be a civil engineer at the Tselinograd (Astana) Civil Engineering Institute and graduated in 1972. In 1981 Dzhakupov became politically active on the local level in Oral. Between January 1993 and January 2001 he was akim of the West Kazakhstan Region.[1]

Dzhakupov was chosen to the Mazhilis in the 2007 parliamentary elections. He was subsequently reelected in the 2012 elections for the Nur Otan party. On 3 September 2012 he was elected Vice-Chairman of the Mazhilis.[1] On 3 April 2014 he was elected Chairman, succeeding Nurlan Nigmatulin. Dzhakupov obtained 103 votes for and one against.[2][3] Dzhakupov was succeeded as Vice-Chairman by Dariga Nazarbayeva.[4]

On 25 March 2016, Dzhakupov was succeeded as Chairman of the Mazhilis by Baktykozha Izmukhambetov.[5]


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