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Template:Infobox Athleticrace The Almaty Marathon (Template:Lang-kz) is an annual marathon race held in either April or May in the Central Asian city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The first edition of the race, in 2012, had 2500 total participants; that grew to more than 19,000 from over 40 countries in the 2015 edition.[1][2]

The marathon weekend has five events: individual races at 3 km, 10km, a half-marathon (21 km), a full marathon (42 km), and an ekiden-style marathon relay.

The Almaty Marathon is a member of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).[3] Profits from the race go toward supporting public works projects and charities in Kazakhstan.[1]


The marathon course starts at the Park of the First President in Almaty. It proceeds along Al-Farabi Avenue and the Eastern Bypass Road. After making a U-turn, the course returns past the start line and along Sain Street to Abay Avenue. The race finishes with a 300m run within the Central Stadium.[4]


Almaty is located at an elevation of 900m, with typical temperatures between 11 and 16 C in April. Temperature inversions in the valley between the Trans-Ili Alatau can trap smog, making for difficult running conditions.


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Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
2016 Template:Flagathlete 2:42:58 Template:Flagathlete 2:56:06
2015 Template:Flagathlete 2:35:51 Template:Flagathlete 2:52:18
2014 Template:Flagathlete 2:36:21 Template:Flagathlete 2:49:52
2013 Template:Flagathlete 2:30:40 Template:Flagathlete 2:45:37


A primary goal of the marathon is to raise funds for charities in Kazakhstan. In 2012 and 2013, funds went to support a program for rehabilitation of children with infantile cerebral paralysis, including the construction of a therapeutic swimming center. Over 2.7 million tenge in total were raised and sent to the Ardi Fund.[5] In 2014, money from the marathon went to buy an ambulance for the Children’s Oncological Department of the Pediatrics and Children Surgery Research Center in Almaty.[6]



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