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Yesken Amanjolovich Sergebayev (born 19 May 1940 in Almaty, KazSSR)- is a prominent Soviet and Kazakh sculptor, former Dean of Paintings and Sculptor Faculty, currently he is a director of Sculptor Department of Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.Jurgenov.

Early life

Yesken Sergebayev studied sculpture in Leningrad University of Paintings, Sculpture and Architecture (1969). Currently he is a sculpture and a professor. He’s a current member of Arts Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, academician of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.Jurgenov (2000). He was a professor of Alma-Aty Theatre and Arts school (1978–1993). Author of the methodical textbooks for students and the professors “Some features of teaching monument and sculpture specialization’, ‘Academic painting course in arts universities’.

Since 1960 he was a sculptor of the KazSSRs’ arts fund. Since 1969- professor of the Alma- Ata arts school named after N.V.Gogol. 1974- Senior sculptor of arts complex ‘Oner’. Since 1978- Professor, PhD of the Theatre and Arts school. Since 2010 till now he is a professor, PhD of the Kazakh National Academy named after T.Jurgenov.

In 2009 Yesken Sergebayev became one of the founders, and Head of the Arts Soyuz of Almaty, which is the alternative institute to the currently working Soyuz of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Personal life

Married, his wife is Akilova Asiya Yusupbayevna, PhD of didactics science, professor of the Almaty Technological University. Has one son- Sergebayev Arman Yeskenovich, daughters- Sergebayeva Ayana Yeskenovna and Cimmerman Leila Yeskenovna.


Yesken Sergebayev is the author of the following monuments:

and many others.


  • KazSSR's State Laureate (1982)
  • Honoured Arts Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1993)
  • Holder of an Order of Parasat (2008)

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