Abul Khair Khan

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File:Abulkhair khan.jpg
Stamp of Kazakhstan devoted to Abul Khair Khan, 2001 (Michel 316)

Abulhair Khan, Abul Khair Khan (Template:Lang-kz) (1693–1748) was leader of the Kazakh Little jüz in present-day western Kazakhstan. During this period, the Little jüz participated in the 1723-1730 war against the Zunghars, following their "Great Disaster" invasion of Kazakh territories. Under his leadership Kazakh ghazis defeated Dzungar forces at the Bulanty river in 1726 and in the battle of Anrakay in 1729.

In order to obtain Russian help against the Dzungars, Abul Khair Khan took an oath of allegiance to the Russian crown in 1731. He subsequently attempted to limit and control the amount of Russian influence exercised over the Kazakh Little jüz.