Zhibek Arapbayeva

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Template:Infobox skier Zhibek Arapbayeva (born Template:Birth date in Shymkent) is a Kazakh freestyle skier, specializing in aerials .[1]

Arapbayeva competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics for Kazakhstan. She placed 23rd in the qualifying round of the aerials, failing to advance to the final.[2]

As of April 2013, her best showing at the World Championships is 18th, in 2013.[1]

Arapbayeva made her World Cup debut in December 2008. As of April 2013, her best finish at a World Cup event is 8th, at Bukovel in 2012/13. Her best World Cup overall finish in aerials is 24th, in 2012/13.[1]



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