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Zhetysu (Template:Lang-kz, Jetisuw, جەتٸسۋ) is a Kazakh airline, based at Taldykorgan Airport. The airline operates only one daily route from Taldykorgan to Astana. The airline also operated a route from Taldykorgan to Almaty, but due to unprofitability, the management decided to close the route. As of December 11, 2013 the Taldykorgan-Almaty route was reopened, due to reconstruction of the highway.


For the January - July 2009 season, Zhetsyu served 8671 passengers and performed 181 flights. The coefficient of utilization of passenger seats was 68%:.[1] In 2006 airline served 15261 passengers:.[2]


The Zhetysu fleet consists the following aircraft:

Zhetysu Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Orders Passengers Notes
Yakovlev Yak-40 3 0 30



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