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Zeydin Yusup, also known as Zeydin Kari or Ziauddin Yusuf, was the founder and leader of the East Turkestan Islamic Party, considered an separatist organization by China.[1]Template:Unreliable source After finishing high school he joined the People's Liberation Army serving in the Xinjiang Military District until 1986. In 1988 at the age of 24 he founded the East Turkistan Islamic Party with stated goals to 'liberate East Turkistan from Chinese occupation'.[2]

Abdul Hameed, Abdul Azeez Makhdoom, and Abdul Hakeem Makhdoom launched the Islamic Party of Turkistan in 1940.[3] After being set free from prison in 1979, Abdul Hakeem instructed Hasan Mahsum and other Uyghurs in fundamentalist Islam.[4]

In 1989 Zeydin Yusup started the group which was originally called East Turkistan Islamic Party(ETIP).[3][5] The movement was reshuffled by Hasan Mahsum and Abudukadir Yapuquan in 1997 into its present incarnation.[6][7]

Zeydin Yusup was the mastermind behind the Baren Township riot, otherwise known as the Baren Rebellion, in which he led 200 men in Baren, Akto County in armed conflict against Chinese government forces. The uprising soon spread across to 9 town townships across Kizilsu[8] He was killed during the Baren Township riot on 6 April 1990.[9]

TIP's "Islamic Turkistan" magazine in its 3rd edition commemorated the death of its member Dia al din bin Yusuf (Zeydin Yusup).[10]

Doğu Türkistan Bülteni Haber Ajansı mentioned a brief history of the TIP, from Zeyidin Yusuf founding it in 1988 in "East Turkestan", to its participation in the 1990 riots and insurgency, its "jihad in the path of Allah", its migration in 1996 under Hasan Mahsum to the Taliban controlled Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and its war since 2001 against the "Crusaders" for 15 years in the "Afghan jihad", to 2012, when it entered the Syrian Civil War. It released a video showing footage of its battles in Syria including at Abu Dhuhur.[11]



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