Yuri Kudinov

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Yuri (Yury) Kudinov (Template:Lang-ru) (born 27 February 1979 in Volgograd) is a long distance swimmer from Russia.[1]

In 2007 he narrowly missed the world record for the fastest swim across the English Channel when he was beaten by Petar Stoychev. His time of 7 h 06 min remains one of the fastest swims ever recorded, but was not enough to beat Stoychev's 6 h 57 min set on the same day (24 August 2007).[2]

Earlier in the year (25 March 2007), Kudinov beat Stoychev in the 25 km at the Open Water World Championships, a race which he won in a time of 5 h 16 min 45 s, with Stoychev coming in 6th with a time of 5 h 22 min 55 s.[3]

He swam for the Kazakhstan National Team at the 2012 Summer Olympics.[4]



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