Yekaterina Yevseyeva

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Yekaterina Yevseyeva (born 22 June 1988 in Almaty, Kazakhstan) is a Kazakhstani high jumper.

She was born in Almaty. She won bronze medals at the 2005 World Youth Championships and the 2006 World Junior Championships. She also competed at the 2008 World Indoor Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games without reaching the final.[1]

Her personal best jump is 1.98 metres, achieved in May 2008 in Tashkent.[1] This is the Asian record, although she shares it with two athletes: Nadejda Dusanova and Svetlana Radzivil.[2]

Major competitions record

Representing Template:KAZ
2005 World Youth Championships Marrakesh, Morocco 3rd 1.85 m
2006 Asian Junior Championships Macau 2nd 1.88 m
World Junior Championships Beijing, China 3rd 1.84 m
2007 Asian Championships Amman, Jordan 2nd 1.91 m
Asian Indoor Games Macau 2nd 1.88 m
2008 Asian Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 3rd 1.88 m
World Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 13th (q) 1.86 m
Olympic Games Beijing, China 28th (q) 1.85 m
2009 Universiade Belgrade, Serbia 2nd 1.91 m
World Championships Berlin, Germany 30th (q) 1.85 m
Asian Indoor Games Hanoi, Vietnam 9th 1.80 m


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