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Template:Expand language Template:Infobox settlement Yegindybulak (Kaz — Егіндібұлақ) is a settlement in the Karaganda Region in Kazakhstan.[1] Located on dry steppe, it is a former tertiary level administrative centre.[1] The terrain to the north of the town is mountainous.[2]

The population of between five and ten thousand people[3] are predominantly Muslim Kazakhs.

Alternative transliterations of the name include Egindibulaq,[2] Egindybulak,[3] and Yegendybulak.[4] Nearby settlements include Karabulak (west southwest), Terekti (northwest), Osibay (northeast), and Kiikqashqan and Dogalan (southeast).[2]

The Koyandinsk Fair, a large annual trade fair held every June from 1848 to 1930, was located near modern day Yegindybulak on the caravan route from Central Asia to Siberia.[5]



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