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The Xinjiang Daily (Template:Zh, Template:Lang-ug, Mongolian: Template:MongolUnicode, Template:Lang-kk) is an official publication of the CPC Xinjiang Committee[1] (中共新疆维吾尔自治区委员会) and is published daily by Xinjiang Daily Publishing (新疆日报出版社) at 1 Yangzijiang Road (扬子江路), Saybagh District, Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China[1]. The newspaper is notable in that it is published in 4 languages, namely Chinese, which uses Chinese characters (汉文), Uyghur, in the Uyghur Arabic alphabet (维文), Mongolian, in the Mongolian script (蒙文) and Kazakh, in the Kazakh Arabic alphabet (哈文).[1] The newspaper includes news that focuses on the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region but also includes a small amount of national and international news.


The newspaper was first published in October 1915 under the name "The Xinjiang Gazette" 新疆公报 Xīnjiāng Gōngbào. In 1918, it was renamed the "Tianshan News" 天山报 Tiānshān Bào and in 1929 it was renamed the "Tianshan Daily" 天山日报 Tiānshān Rìbào, before getting its current name in November 1935. In 1949 the newspaper became the organ of the CPC. The newspaper has had an online version since 2004.


All main content is written in Chinese and translated into the other languages. Translated articles in Uyghur, Mongolian and Kazakh take up more space than the original Chinese text. This is partly from the natural phenomenon, text expansion, common to translated material, but font sizes are also larger in the translated versions. The Chinese version typically contains 8 pages in a weekday edition, and the Uyghur, Mongolian, and Kazakh versions contain 4 pages. Since the Uyghur, Mongolian, and Kazakh versions contain fewer pages and take up more space per article, those three versions contain only a selection of the content in the Chinese version.

Name in local script Domestic Integrated Publication Code


Postal Dispatch Code


Overseas Code


Date of first issue[1] Pages per issue[2]
Chinese In Chinese characters: 新疆日报

In Chinese Pinyin: Xīnjiāng Rìbào

CN65-0001 57-2 D921 6 December 1949 8
Uyghur In the Uyghur Arabic alphabet: شىنجاڭ گېزىتى

In the Uyghur Latin Alphabet (ULA): Shinjang Gëziti
In the Uyghur New Script (UYY): Xinjang Geziti
In the Uyghur Cyrillic alphabet (USY): Шинҗаң Гезити

CN65-0002/-W 57-1 - 1 January 1950 4
Mongolian In the Mongolian script: Template:MongolUnicode

In Latin script: Šinǰiyang-giin ödör-in sonin

CN65-0004/-M 57-3 - 1 August 1950 4
Kazakh In the Kazakh Arabic alphabet: شينجياڭ گازەتى

In the Kazakh Latin alphabet: Shïnjïang Gazeti)

CN65-0003/-H 57-13 - 1 January 1950 4


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