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Vitaliy Semyonovich Dovgun (Template:Lang-kk; born February 15, 1971) is a Kazakhstani sport shooter.[1] At age thirty-eight, Dovgun made his official debut for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where he competed in all three rifle shooting events. He is also the husband of four-time Olympian Olga Dovgun, who qualified for the same category at these Olympic games.

In his first event, 10 m air rifle, Dovgun was able to hit a total of 587 points within six attempts, finishing thirty-eighth in the qualifying rounds.[2] Few days later, he placed twentieth in the 50 m rifle prone, by one target ahead of Slovenia's Rajmond Debevec from the second attempt, with a total score of 592 points.[3] In his third and last event, 50 m rifle 3 positions, Yurkov was able to shoot 398 targets in a prone position, 381 in standing, and 379 in kneeling, for a total score of 1,158 points, finishing only in twenty-seventh place.[4]



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