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  • ...rom 6th to 8th century, what is today's Uzbekistan was under the rule of [[Göktürk Khanate]]. Turkic and Chinese migration into central Asia occurred during ...inent role in the region as the language of literature and government. The rulers of the eastern section of Iran and of Mawarannahr were Persians. Under the
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  • |caption = Göktürk petroglyphs from Mongolia (6th to 8th century) Strictly speaking, the common name ''Göktürk'' is the [[Turkish language|Anatolian Turkish]] form of the [[ethnonym]]. T
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  • ...during the interim period between the [[Turkic Khaganate|First and Second Göktürk Khaganates]] (630-684 AD).{{sfn|Güzel|2002}} ...]], and [[Kashgaria]], and later conquered [[Transoxiana]]. The Karakhanid rulers were likely to be Yaghmas who were associated with the [[Toquz Oghuz]], and
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  • ...aizong's reign alone, large campaigns were launched against not only the [[Göktürk]]s, but also separate campaigns against the [[Emperor Taizong's campaign ag The Mongol rulers wanted to establish their capital on the Central Asian steppe, so to accomp
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  • had become controlled by the [[Turkic Khaganate]], also known as the '''Göktürk Khaganate'''. A few decades later, a civil war resulted in the khaganate be ...e of the Kara-Khitan, Kazakhstan fell under the control of a succession of rulers of the [[Golden Horde]] (the western branch of the [[Mongol Empire]]). The
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  • {{Succession box|title=[[Göktürk Kağans|Khagan of the Western Turkic Khaganate]]|before=[[Heshana Khan|Tama [[Category:Göktürk rulers]]
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  • The following is a '''list of [[Khazars|Khazar]] rulers'''. ==Early Khazar rulers==
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  • |title_leader = [[List of Khazar rulers|Qaghan]] ...f the ruling elite in the same way that Mongol continued to be used by the rulers of the Golden Horde, alongside of the [[Kipchaks|Qipčaq Turkic]] speech sp
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