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Serik Sapiyev (Template:Lang-kz, born November 16, 1983) is an amateur boxer from Kazakhstan who won the world title in the light welterweight (-64 kg) division in 2005 and 2007 and Olympic Gold 2012 at welterweight. Sapiyev has signed up for the new AIBA professional league, called AIBA Pro Boxing (APB), which will launch in autumn 2013. Val Barker Trophy for best boxer at London 2012. Now he work in general director of WSB


Light Welterweight

The fleetfooted southpaw counterpuncher defeated Dilshod Mahmudov at the 2005 World Amateur Boxing Championships. [1]

He also won bronze at the 2006 Asian Games after losing to Thailand's Olympic Gold medallist Manus Boonjumnong whom he knocked down in the fight but still lost 18-22.

At the 2007 World Amateur Boxing Championships he reached the final by beating Manus conqueror Masatsugu Kawachi where he won against Russian fellow southpaw Gennady Kovalev 20:5.[1]
At the 2008 Olympics (results) he once again lost to defending champion Manus Boonjumnong 5:7 and moved up in weight.


At the 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships he was upset in the semis by Russian southpaw Andrey Zamkovoy and won Bronze.

At the 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships he won Silver, losing to Ukrainian Taras Shelestyuk.

Serik Sapiyev won Olympic gold (Results) and the Val Barker Trophy for best boxer at London 2012. This time he defeated Andrey Zamkovoy in the semis and beat Fred Evans (boxer) in the final.

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