Sergey Rubtsov

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Sergey Rubtsov (born 4 September 1965) is a retired Kazakhstani athlete specializing in the shot put. He twice represented his country at the Olympic Games, in 1996 and 2000 without reaching the final round. He was born in the Russian SSR of the Soviet Union.[1]

His personal bests are 20.49 metres outdoors and 20.47 metres indoors, both from 1992 and standing national records.

Competition record

Representing Template:KAZ
1993 World Championships Stuttgart, Germany 20th (q) 18.84 m
1994 Asian Games Hiroshima, Japan 2nd 19.24 m
1995 World Indoor Championships Barcelona, Spain 16th 18.08 m
Asian Championships Jakarta, Indonesia 2nd 18.66 m
World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 16th (q) 18.81 m
1996 Olympic Games Atlanta, United States NM
1997 East Asian Games Busan, South Korea 1st 19.47 m
World Championships Athens, Greece 25th (q) 18.16 m
1998 Asian Games Bangkok, Thailand 3rd 18.79 m
2000 Asian Championships Jakarta, Indonesia 9th 16.36 m
Olympic Games Sydney, Australia 37th (q) 15.90 m
2003 Asian Championships Manila, Philippines 5th 17.92 m
2006 Asian Indoor Championships Pattaya, Thailand 3rd 16.89 m


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