Rauan Kenzhekhanuly

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Template:Infobox person Rauan Kenzhekhanuly (born 1 May 1979) is a Kazakh man who was named the first Wikipedian of the Year in August 2011 by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales at Wikimania.[1] Previously, he served as the first secretary at Kazakhstan's Russian embassy, as well as the National TV Agency's Moscow bureau chief.[2] In 2010, he traveled to the United States to do a one-year fellowship at Harvard University, where, that fall, he first became interested in editing Wikipedia when he took the class “Media, Politics, and Power in the Digital Age”.[3] He later founded the nonprofit organization WikiBilim, which aims to expand the availability of free Kazakh-language information on the Internet.[3] In 2014, he was named deputy governor of the Kyzylorda Region.[4] He is also the founding director of the Eurasian Council on Foreign Affairs, which was formally established on 12 November 2014[5] with a grant from the Kazakh government.[6]


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