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Nur Ahmad Jan Bughra (d. April 16, 1934[1]) (Template:Lang-ug), نور احمد جان بغرا, was an Uighur Emir of the First East Turkestan Republic. He was the younger brother of Muhammad Amin Bughra and Abdullah Bughra. He commanded Uighur and Kirghiz forces during the Battle of Kashgar (1934) against the Chinese Muslim 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army). The Chinese Muslims were loyal to the Republic of China government, and wanted to crush the Turkic Muslim Uighurs and Kirghiz in revenge for the Kizil massacre, in which Nur Ahmad Jan Bughra had taken part. He was killed on April 16, 1934 at Yangi Hissar by Chinese Muslim troops under generals Ma Zhancang and Ma Fuyuan.[2] All of Nur Ahmad Jan's 2,500 Uighur and Kirghiz fighters were exterminated by the 10,000 strong Chinese Muslim army.[3][4]

It was reported by Ahmad Kamal in his book "Land Without Laughter" on page 130-131, that Nur Ahmad Jan's was beheaded by the Chinese Muslim troops and the head was used in a football game at the parade ground.[5]



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