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Template:Infobox boxer Natalia Yurievna Ragozina (Template:Lang-ru), better known as Natascha Ragosina, is an undefeated retired professional boxer who spent much of her career ranked as the top female super middleweight in the world.[1] Though born in Kazakhstan (formerly a part of the Soviet Union) and currently residing in Moscow,[2] she competed professionally for Russia and is of Russian descent.[2] She is the longest reigning WBA female super middleweight champion and WBC female super middleweight champion. At the time of her retirement, she held all major female super middleweight titles and two heavyweight belts:

  • IWBF (International Women's Boxing Federation) super middleweight title
  • WIBF (Women's International Boxing Federation) super middleweight title
  • WIBA (Women's International Boxing Association) super middleweight title
  • Global Boxing Union Female super middleweight title
  • WBC female super middleweight title
  • WBA female super middleweight title
  • WIBC super middleweight title
  • WIBF (Women's International Boxing Federation) heavyweight title
  • WBF (Women's Boxing Federation) heavyweight title

On March 15, 2008, Ragosina defeated Bermudian Teresa Perozzi to win a record 7 championship belts in a single fight, breaking Giselle Salandy's previous record of 6 belts won in a single fight. However, two weeks later, Salandy - a light middleweight boxer - defeated Karolina Lukasik in a match with 8 titles on the line to regain her record for titles won in a single fight.

On July 11, 2008, Ragosina won a controversial decision against Conjestina Achieng, winning a close but unanimous decision. One judge awarded Ragosina the fight by a single round, and the other two judges had Ragosina winning by a two round margin. Some boxing observers believe Achieng won the fight.[3] Perhaps due to the controversial decision in the first fight, the two had a rematch on November 28, 2008, which Ragosina won more convincingly.[1]

On December 19, 2009, Ragosina defeated heavyweight world champion Pamela London by knockout to add two heavyweight championships to her resume - the WIBF Women's International Boxing Federation heavyweight title and the World Boxing Federation heavyweight title.[1] Despite a 65-pound weight disadvantage (Ragosina weighed in at 172, compared to London's 237 pounds), the 5'11" Ragosina used her reach and quickness to knock out London in round 8. This brought Ragosina's record to 22-0, including a 16-0 record in title fights.

Ragosina is also a single mother.[4] She considers herself good friends with fighters Fedor Emelianenko, Alexander Povetkin, and Nikolai Valuev.[2]



  • 2009 WBF heavyweight world champion
  • 2009 W.I.B.F. heavyweight world champion
  • 2008 I.W.B.F. super middleweight world champion
  • 2007-09 W.B.C. super middleweight world champion (4 title defences)
  • 2007-08 W.I.B.A. super middleweight world champion (2 title defences)
  • 2007-09 W.B.A. super middleweight world champion (6 title defences)
  • 2006-09 G.B.U. super middleweight world champion (7 title defences)
  • 2005-09 W.I.B.F. super middleweight world champion (10 title defences)
  • 2004-05 W.I.B.F. super middleweight Inter-Continental champion (1 title defence)


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