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Misha Ge (born 17 May 1991) is an Uzbekistani figure skater. He has won seven international medals and four Uzbekistan national titles. He has finished in the top-ten at four ISU Championships, including 2015 Worlds (6th), and competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics, finishing 17th.

Personal life

Misha Ge was born in Moscow, Russian SFSR to skating coaches Larisa and Jun Ge.[1][2] He is of Russian, Chinese, and Korean descent.[3] From the age of about 10, he lived in Beijing, China, where his parents coached.[3] Ge also resided in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.[4] He moved to the United States in mid-2009[5] and returned to Beijing in 2013.[6] He speaks Russian, Mandarin, and English.[2] Ge has taken choreography courses at the Beijing Dance Academy and the Hollywood Dance Academy.[7]


As a competitor

Having first stepped onto the ice at age three and a half, Misha Ge began training seriously at ten after moving to China.[8] From 2009, he trained in the United States. He started representing Uzbekistan in 2010.

Ge finished 6th at the 2011 Asian Winter Games and 12th at the 2011 Four Continents. He trained in Lake Arrowhead, California with Frank Carroll as his jump coach.

In 2011–12, Ge won silver medals at the Asian Trophy, Ice Challenge, and Istanbul Cup. He was 9th at the 2012 Four Continents.

Ge placed 16th at the 2013 World Championships in London, Ontario. His result earned Uzbekistan a men's entry at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Beijing became Ge's main training base in 2013.[6] In autumn of that year, he received his first Grand Prix assignment, the 2013 Rostelecom Cup. In February 2014, Ge competed at the Winter Olympics in Sochi and finished 17th.[2]

Ge placed 5th at the 2014 Cup of China and 4th at the 2014 Rostelecom Cup. Later during the season, he earned two top-ten placements at the ISU Championships. He placed 8th at the 2015 Four Continents in Seoul (7th in the short, 9th in the free), and 6th at the 2015 World Championships in Shanghai (8th in SP, 7th in FS).

Ge received two 2015–16 Grand Prix assignments but had to withdraw from one, the 2015 Trophée Éric Bompard, due to a visa issue.[9][10] He finished 8th at the 2015 Cup of China. In October, he won gold at an ISU Challenger Series event, the 2015 CS Denkova-Staviski Cup. Throughout the season, he was hampered by a left ankle injury, which was caused by executing quad jumps.[11]

In 2016–17, he had to compete with the injured left ankle, which was not healed properly.[9][12][13] In March 2017, he announced that he might retire from competition at the end of the season.[14]

As a choreographer

In addition to his competitive career, he has choreographed skating programs for himself and other skaters. His clients include: Template:Div col

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Season Short program Free skating Exhibition




World Dance Collection:

Crooked Gentleman:[27]

  • Charlie Chaplin feat. Hip Hop


Competitive highlights

GP: Grand Prix; CS: Challenger Series

Event 08–09 09–10 10–11 11–12 12–13 13–14 14–15 15–16 16–17
Olympics 17th
Worlds 30th 19th 16th 27th 6th 15th 12th
Four Continents 12th 9th 11th 13th 8th 7th
Template:Small Cup of China 5th 8th
Template:Small Rostel. Cup 8th 4th
Template:Small Skate Canada 6th
Template:Small Trophée WD 7th
Template:Small Autumn Classic 2nd
Template:Small DS Cup 1st
Template:Small Finlandia 4th
Asian Games 6th 6th
Asian Open 2nd 2nd
Cup of Nice 8th
DS Cup 1st 1st
Finlandia 6th
Ice Challenge 2nd 4th
Istanbul Cup 2nd
NRW Trophy 5th
Warsaw Cup 2nd
Uzbekistani 1st 1st 1st 1st
Chinese 6th
TBD = Assigned; WD = Withdrew



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