Marko Putinčanin

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Template:Infobox football biography Marko Putinčanin (Serbian Cyrillic: Mapкo Путинчaнин ;born 16 December 1987 in Belgrade) is a Serbian football defender who plays for Voždovac in the Serbian SuperLiga.

Previously he has played in his home country clubs FK Zemun, prior to 2007, and, between 2007 and 2009, in FK Bežanija (38 league matches and 2 goals). In the beginning of his senior career, while playing with FK Zemun, he also played on loan with FK Radnički Nova Pazova and FK Zmaj Zemun. He can play either as a right back or winger.

In December 2014, Putinčanin left FC Zhetysu.[1]



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