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Marko Đalović, also written as Djalović (Serbian Cyrillic: Mapкo Ђaлoвић; born May 19, 1986 in Kragujevac) is a Serbian football player who plays for Zemun in the Serbian First League.


Đalović started playing in FK Sušica in his home town, and next, as a prospective youth player, moved to FK Radnički Kragujevac, the biggest club in Kragujevac. He then moved to the youth team of Red Star Belgrade following his to FK Srem and became professional. He later went on to play for FK Bežanija and then FK Vojvodina. In 2009, he was a player of FK Mladá Boleslav. He was a part of the Serbia national under-19 football team.

Đalović returned to FC Zhetysu in January 2016.[1]



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