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Template:Infobox musical artist Marat Bisengaliev (born 1962, Kazakhstan) is a Kazakh violinist and conductor of both the West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra and TuranAlem Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, he is head of the Uralsk International Violin Competition and currently working as the Music Director of the Symphony Orchestra of India.

Bisengaliev is also the father of singer Aruhan Galieva.


He was a prize winner at the Leipzig International Bach Competition in 1988, and in 1991 won first prize at the International Nicanor Zabaleta Competition in Spain, also receiving the special virtuoso prize for the most outstanding performance of the competition.

In 2000 Bisengaliev received the Independent "Platinum Tarlan" Award and the Government "Medal of Honour" in Kazakhstan.

In response to the Borat movie, Bisengaliev commissioned a symphony called "Zere" from Erran Baron Cohen, the musical director of the movie (and brother of Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen).[1]

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