Madina Saduakasova

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Madina Saduaqasova (Kaz: Мәдина Садуақасова) (born September 8 in Almaty, now living in Qyzylorda, Kazakhstan) is a Kazakh pop singer who rose to popularity with the song Махаббат Жалыны.

Madina has been singing since a very young age. She graduated with a diploma from the Qyzylorda Music School in the area of choral conduct. Madina was also the lead singer of Almaty-based band "Гульдер".

In 1991, Madina was part of national singing project for young children called Anshi Balapan & participated in a similar competition called Muzikalniy Voyazh where she won twice in 1996 & 1996 in Qyzylorda & Almaty respectively. In 1999 Madina performed in the competition Aziya Dauysy & met her Favourite singer Roza Rimbayeva.

In 2004, Madina released her debut CD title Ән Сағаным & still performs in many cities around Kazakhstan.


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