Koraish Sultan

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Definitely pent subject material, be thankful in support of picky facts . afddeedacakkcdeg Koreish Sultan was son of Abdurashid Khan.

Probably his father appointed him as governor of Khotan since 1533 where he was governing till 1588. After the death in 1570 of Shah Khan in one of skirmishes with Kalmaks, who was a ruler in Uyghurstan ( Chalish , Turpan and Kumul), Abdul Karim Khan of Yarkand Khanate sent his brother Abduraim Sultan to rule Uyghurstan. The four brothers of Shah Khan expelled Abduraim Sultan and struggle for power between them was undergoing when Abdul Karim Khan sent Koreish Sultan to subdue Shah Khan's brothers and restore Abduraim Sultan as Little Khan in Turpan. Koreish Sultan conquered Chalish, Turpan and Kumul, but after that refused to give these cities to Abduraim Sultan and appointed himself as a Little Khan. Abdul Karim Khan ordered to quell Koreish Sultan mutiny and to bring Koreish Sultan to Yarkand alive. Koreish Sultan managed to repel all attacks on Turpan but finally it was decided to peacefully settle this conflict. Chalish was given to Hudabende Sultan, son of Koraish Sultan, while Koreish Sultan was exiled to India.

On 11 Amardād (about 21 July 1589) Moghul Emperor Akbar travelled to Shihābu-d-dīnpūr in Kashmir. Here Sultan Koreish of Kāshghar arrived and was received with royal favours. His lineage goes back to the great Qāān (Cingez). He was son of Abdurashid Khan.


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