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Template:Infobox skier Konstantin Sokolenko (born 9 November 1987 in Soviet Union) is a Kazakhstani Nordic combined skier.[1][2]


Sokolenko is the most qualified Nordic combined skier in Kazakhstan. Sokolenko's best performance was when he received a 28th place in a summer World Cup competition in Kandersteg, Switzerland. He competed in the World Championships in Sapporo 2007 and took a 42nd place in the Sprint competition. Impressing - because Sokolenko took a bad fall one day earlier.

Sokolenko also took a 48th place in 15 km Gundersen and received a 10th place in the team competition together with the other jumpers in the Kazakhstani team, Sergey Sharabayev, Anton Kankenov and Alexandr Gurin, who also took a dangerous crash in Sapporo.

Sokolenko competed in the Nordic Combined Continental Cup the season 2008–09 and has two times received a 16th place which was his best performance so far this winter.[1][2]

In the summer of 2010 Sokolenko quit his Nordic combined career to become a ski jumper. His first results was a 4th place in Fiscup and a 13th in Continental Cup.

Personal information

Sokolenko is jumping for club ZSKA Almaty. He is living in Almaty, Kazakhstan.[1]

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