Irina Ektova

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Template:Infobox sportsperson Irina Ektova (née Litvinenko; born 8 January 1987 in Petropavlovsk) is a Kazakhstani triple jumper. She is married to Yevgeniy Ektov.[1]

She competed at the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Summer Olympics without reaching the final.[1]

Her personal best jump is 14.48 metres, achieved in June 2011 in Almaty.

Competition record

Representing Template:KAZ
2006 World Junior Championships Beijing, China 14th (q) Triple jump 12.94 m (-0.2 m/s)
2007 Asian Championships Amman, Jordan 3rd Triple jump 13.80 m (w)
Universiade Bangkok, Thailand 13th Triple jump 13.22 m
Asian Indoor Games Macau 1st Triple jump 13.56 m
2008 Olympic Games Beijing, China 32nd (q) Triple jump 12.92 m
2009 Universiade Belgrade, Serbia 4th Triple jump 13.85 m
World Championships Berlin, Germany 23rd (q) Triple jump 13.82 m
Asian Indoor Games Hanoi, Vietnam 2nd Triple jump 13.87 m
Asian Championships Guangzhou, China 3rd Triple jump 13.99 m
2011 Asian Championships Kobe, Japan 6th Triple jump 13.88 m
Universiade Shenzhen, China 13th (q) Triple jump 13.22 m
World Championships Daegu, South Korea 17th (q) Triple jump 14.01 m
2012 World Indoor Championships Istanbul, Turkey 16th (q) Triple jump 13.70 m
Olympic Games London, United Kingdom 31st (q) Triple jump 13.39 m
2013 Universiade Kazan, Russia 4th Triple jump 14.13 m
Asian Championships Pune, India 3rd Triple jump 13.75 m
World Championships Moscow, Russia 18th (q) Triple jump 13.37 m
2014 Asian Indoor Championships Hangzhou, China 6th Triple jump 13.09 m
Asian Games Incheon, South Korea 3rd Triple jump 13.77 m
2015 Asian Championships Wuhan, China 5th Triple jump 13.27 m
Universiade Gwangju, South Korea 6th Triple jump 13.45 m
World Championships Beijing, China 17th (q) Triple jump 13.61 m
2016 Asian Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 3rd Triple jump 13.48 m
Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 33rd (q) Triple jump 13.33 m



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