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Xit TV (pronounced as Kheet-Tee-Vee) is a local Kazakh television station that has been in operation since 7 am October 21 2003 as Хит ТВ (HiT TV). It is a dedicated youth oriented music television network showing all the latest music videos from Kazakhstan and abroad. Like many other national music video networks, Xit TV also has regular "show business" programs featuring music and movie gossip from around the world. HiT TV is owned by the Shahar Media Group.

List of programs broadcast on Xit TV

  • Personalniy Play*List - A music video request show featuring viewer interaction.
  • Headliner - presents the latest news from the music industry.
  • SuperStar KZ Dnevnik - The video diaries of the finalists from Kazakh version of Pop Idol.
  • Mobilnaya 20 - A countdown show featuring the Top 20 music video ringtone downloads.
  • P.O.P.S.A - A show where viewers can vote for their favourite music video in a countdown style program.
  • DOM-2 - A program featuring music videos of comfort & love.
  • SMS chat.kz - The newest program, an open music video request show featuring SMS tickers.

VJ roster

  • Marina
  • Adil Liyan
  • Kazbek
  • Marat
  • Alena
  • Ivan


Old logo (HiT TV)

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