Harmony Lessons

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Template:Use dmy dates Template:Infobox film Harmony Lessons (Template:Lang-kk, Template:Lang-ru) is a 2013 Kazakh-German drama film directed by Emir Baigazin. The film premiered in competition at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival[1] where Aziz Zhambakiyev won the award for an outstanding artistic contribution.[2]


Harmony Lessons is set in a small Kazakhstan village, where Aslan, a thirteen-year-old boy living with his grandmother is a diligent student, bullied by an older boy Bolat and his gang connected with adult criminals and prisoners. The plot concerns Aslan's humiliations, and slow revenge.


Critical reception was positive:[3][4]




  • Timur Aidarbekov as Aslan
  • Aslan Anarbayev as Bolat
  • Mukhtar Andassov as Mirsain
  • Anelya Adilbekova as Akzhan
  • Omar Adilov as Mad
  • Adlet Anarbekov as Takhir
  • Daulet Anarbekov as Damir
  • Nursultan Nurbergenov as Maksat
  • Nurdaulet Orazymbetov as Daniyar
  • Erasyl Nurzhakyp as Arsen
  • Assan Kirkabakov as Shikan
  • Ramazan Sultanbek as Gani




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