Fausto Lourenço

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Template:Infobox football biography Fausto Jorge Dias Lourenço (born 19 January 1987), known simply as Fausto, is a Portuguese footballer who plays for S.C. Freamunde as a forward.

Football career

Fausto was born in Miranda do Corvo, Coimbra District. An unsuccessful youth graduate at FC Porto he began his professional career with Académica de Coimbra, but never appeared officially for the team, going on to serve loans at third division sides G.D. Tourizense and Anadia FC.

In July 2008, Fausto moved to Bulgaria with PFC Lokomotiv Mezdra in the A PFG, appearing regularly and failing to score in the league as the club finished in eighth position. In the following years he played in Cyprus and Switzerland, without no impact whatsoever.


He is the older brother of Rodolfo Lourenço.

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