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Eduard Hämäläinen (born 21 January 1969 in Karaganda, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union) is a retired decathlete from Finland and Belarus.

He originally competed for the Soviet Union and then Belarus after the Soviet dissolution, but changed nationality. His great-grandparents were deported from Finland to Turkestan in 1917. During his career he won three silver medals at World Championships.


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1988 World Junior Championships Sudbury, Canada 3rd Decathlon 7596 pts
1991 World Championships Tokyo, Japan 7th Decathlon 8233 pts
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1992 Hypo-Meeting Götzis, Austria 2nd Decathlon 8483 pts
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1993 World Indoor Championships Toronto, Canada 3rd Heptathlon 6075 pts
Hypo-Meeting Götzis, Austria 1st Decathlon 8604 pts
World Championships Stuttgart, Germany 2nd Decathlon 8724 pts
1994 Hypo-Meeting Götzis, Austria 1st Decathlon 8735 pts
European Championships Helsinki, Finland Decathlon DNF
1995 Hypo-Meeting Götzis, Austria 2nd Decathlon 8438 pts
World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 2nd Decathlon 8489 pts
1996 Olympic Games Atlanta, United States 5th Decathlon 8613 pts
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1997 Hypo-Meeting Götzis, Austria 1st Decathlon 8617 pts
World Championships Athens, Greece 2nd Decathlon 8730 pts
1998 European Championships Budapest, Hungary 2nd Decathlon 8587 pts
IAAF World Combined Events Challenge several places 6th Decathlon 24,923 pts
2000 Hypo-Meeting Götzis, Austria Decathlon DNF
2001 Hypo-Meeting Götzis, Austria 9th Decathlon 8028 pts
World Championships Edmonton, Canada Decathlon DNF

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