Dinara Kulibaeva

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Dinara Nursultanqyzy Nazarbayeva (Template:Lang-kk; Template:Lang-ru) (born 19 August 1967[1]) is a Kazakh businesswoman and the younger daughter of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Nazarbayeva was born in Temirtau, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union.[1] Despite not being a public figure, she is the fourth richest person in Kazakhstan, with a fortune estimated to be around $1.3 billion.[2]

Personal life

She is married to Timur Kulibayev,[3] and the couple have three children: a son and two daughters.[4] Her husband is a prominent businessman in Kazakhstan, being the third richest man in Kazakhstan and the 938th richest in the world.[5]


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