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Template:Infobox stadium The Central Stadium is the main football arena of the city and for FC Aktobe. It was constructed in 1975. On the opening day on August 28, 1975, Aktyubinets played against CSKA Moscow. Match ended with score 1:0 in favor of visiting team. Kopeykin scored the goal.

The stadium is one of the best attended in Kazakhstan with capacity of just under 13,000 people.[1]


It has four tribunes called after parts of the world. The main tribune — western, which holds seats for commentators and VIP. On the east tribune special seats for disabled people are provided. The stadium has roof over all seats and a big screen. Cash desk and office of FC Aktobe are located in the stadium.

Main characteristics of stadium

  • Field size — 104 x 68 m
  • Capacity — 14,000 people
  • Surface — natural
  • Capacity of guest sector — 500 seats
  • Number of TV positions — 3
  • Commentator positions — 2 seats
  • Press— 20 seats
  • Lighting — 1800th luxury.
  • Video board — display system — 10х9 m
  • Number of cash desks — 2
  • Surveillance cameras — 6 internal, 4 external


After the stadium opened in 1975, the last reconstruction was in 2000, when plastic seating and the light-emitting diode board were installed. In 2005 the stadium met all UEFA standards. Heating system, water supply and the sewage were replaced. The press center area was expanded to 54 sq.m., and the dispatcher room to 21 sq.m. 142 bulbs in the floodlight system with a total capacity of 1800 watts were installed. The grass was replaced and an automatic watering system installed. Installation of under soil heating of the pitch started on April 28, 2011. This system is only used in early Spring and late Autumn (Fall) to assist grass growth.


For five years, from October 2, 2004 to August 27, 2009 (1790 days, a record of Kazakhstan) FC Aktobe did not suffer a single loss at the home field in all tournaments (Kazakhstan Premier League, Kazakhstan Cup, Champions League and Europa League). This record was broken only after defeat to Werder Bremen.


  • 56, Abilkhayir khan Avenue, 030000
  • Aktobe, Kazakhstan



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