Bukhtarma Hydroelectric Power Plant

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The Bukhtarma Hydroelectric Power Plant (Template:Lang-kk; Template:Lang-ru, Buchtarminskaja GES) is a hydroelectric power plant on the Irtysh River Template:Convert upstream of the town of Serebryansk, in East Kazakhstan Province of Kazakhstan. "Bukhtarma" or "Buqtyrma" is a Kazakh word that can be translated as "ambush; blocking".

The plant has 9 individual turbines[1] with a total generating capacity of 675 megawatts and generates 2.77 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. The plant is operated by Kazzinc under a long-term concession. It is integrated into Kazakhstan's national electricity system and is used as a peak producer to regulate supply.[1]

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