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The author of several novels, poems and economical monographs. Prizewinner of the Eurasian Book Forum and the "Debute" Prize. Member of the jury of a number of literary contests. The author of the idea and organizer of the international gastronomic festival Toikazan [1] and the book fair "Kitapfest" [2]. One of the initiators of the environmental movement Alma-Qala.

Founder and head Euarsian and Kazakhstan associations of franchising.[3]

The Author of definition "Event franchise". Franchising.

Graduated school No. 21 in Almaty, Alma-Ata Institute of National Economy, Al Farabi Kazakh University and received Master’s Programme at the University of Utrecht (Holland).

Worked as a marketing manager in multinational companies. Was head of e-commerce and franchising program for Central Asia in the USAID project.

Member of the Public Council of Almaty (chairman of the Committee on Housing and Public Utilities and Entrepreneurship) and the Business Council of Almaty.[4].


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The president of the Eurasian Association of Franchising Beknur Kissikov said that Kazakhstan was mainly importing franchises. Foreign franchises account for 85-90 percent of the entire market.]
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