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Batyrkhan Kamalovich Shukenov (Template:Lang-kk, Template:Lang-ru; May 18, 1962, Kyzylorda, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic - April 28, 2015, Moscow, Russia) was a Soviet Kazakhstan and Russian singer, musician, saxophonist, composer, poet.[1] Honored Worker of Arts of Kazakhstan (2010).[2][3] Goodwill ambassador UNICEF of Kazakhstan (2009-2015).[4][5] Co-founder and lead singer of the Kazakh-Russian pop music group A-Studio, a part of which has gained wide popularity (1987-2000).[6][7][8] After leaving the group in autumn 2000 started his solo career.[6]

Batyrkhan Shukenov died at age 52 in his apartment in Moscow (heart attack),[9][10][11][12] Batyrkhan buried at home of Kazakhstan.[13]

April 29, 2015 in Moscow the ceremony of farewell to Shukenov, which was attended by hundreds of people.[14] In Alma-Ata at that time, thousands of fans gathered in the square in front of the Palace and the evening singing his songs.[15]



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