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Template:Use dmy dates Barak Kol or Baraq Lake (also Baraqköl, Barakol Lake, Barakkol Lake, Ozero Barakkol', Ozero Barak-Kul'[1]) is a lake in Ulytau District, Karaganda Region, of central Kazakhstan between the mountains Gora Akdongul and Gora Baygetobe.[2] Köl is the word for lake in Turkic languages, and Baraq was a khan of the Chagatai Khanate, a great-great-grandson of Genghis Khan.[3]

Barak Kol is an important wetland for migrating geese, specifically Anser anser, the greylag goose, and Anser erythropus, the lesser white-fronted goose.[4] The lake is approimately 3.5 km wide and 4 km long. The lake is freshwater with reeds gorwing along the margins. It lies in a shallow valley pinching out to the north and opening out to the south with low hills to the northeast and northwest.[5]

It is part of the proposed Ulytau-Arganatinsk nature reserve. The nearest settlement is Arganatinsk.

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