Baluan Sholak Sports Palace

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Template:Infobox stadium The Baluan Sholak Sports Palace (Template:Lang-kk) is a Palace of Sports in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan. It was built in 1967[1] and extensively renovated in 2009–2011.[2] It is named after Baluan Sholak, a celebrated Kazakh composer, singer, poet, dombra player, dzhigit and wrestler.


The renovation was undertaken in preparation for the 2011 Asian Winter Games,[2] for staging the hockey, short track and figure skating events.[3] The closing ceremony of the Games was also held in the Palace. The number of seats was increased to 5000, and support facilities such as gyms, locker rooms and a press centre were added,[4] as well as a medical and rehabilitation complex, commentator booths and electronic displays. The plan also included multi-storey parking for 850 cars.


Events held in the Palace of Culture and Sports have included:

The building is also a venue for live concerts and entertainment.[6][7]


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