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ATMA Atyrau Airport (Template:Lang-kk, Template:Lang-ru) Template:Airport codes is an airport located Template:Convert northwest of Atyrau, Kazakhstan.[1] It is the lowest commercial airport in the world at Template:Convert below sea level.


ATMA obtained the operational rights of ATMA Atyrau Airport when the airport was privatized as a build and operate model in 1994. ATMA is a joint company between Mağdenli Yer Hizmetleri and Atyrau Regional Administration with both parties having a 50% share. It is the only airport in Atyrau and one of the thirteen international airports in Kazakhstan.

The region is crucial for Kazakhstan's economy as it is very close to oil exploration sites and platforms on the Caspian Sea. The city is the base town for many oil and construction companies.

In 2007 ATMA completed the construction of the new terminal building and a new longer runway. Enclosing a total area of Template:Convert, the new terminal can serve 600 passengers per hour. Passengers can also benefit from the modernized CIP and VIP lounges. There is Wi-Fi internet access all over the terminal including CIP and VIP lounges. As a result of the renovation project, conveyor belt system is installed in both international and domestic arrival terminals and computerized check in banks became operational for easier passenger ticket processing. Boarding is done by transporting passengers by bus from the terminal to the plane.

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