Arman Zhetpisbayev

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Template:Infobox Mayor Arman Sharipbayuly Zhetpisbayev (Template:Lang-kk]; Template:Lang-ru) is current mayor of Shymkent city, Kazakhstan.


Arman Zhetpisbayev was born on 24 April 1971 in Kuybyshev village, Zhambyl District, Zhambyl Province, Kazakh SSR.

In 1993, has graduated faculty "Industrial and civil building" in Kazakh Chemical Technology Institute (now is The State University of South Kazakhstan named of M. Auezov), where he's got qualification as the civil engineer.

In 2002, has graduated the Kazakh Economic University named of Turar Ryskulov on speciality "The Finances and credit", where he's got qualification as the economist.

His labour way begun since 1992 as mason in a small enterprise of "Stroyinvest", in 1994–1998 years he worked in various commercial organisations: as director of firm «Mr. D & K», director of Kazakh-Korean joint venture "Shymkent-Telbone", director of research-&-production enterprise "Energotechservice", director of Open Company "Interservice", since 1998 - as vice-president of JSC «Autoservice and trade», as vice-president of JSC "Alaugaz", then as director of Open Company "Alautransgaz", since 1999 - as director of JSC "Yuzhgaz", as director of Open Company "Shymkentgaz".

Since July, 1999 till April, 2000 - deputy director of Shymkent branch of Open Society "Kazkommertsbank".

In 2002-2003 - director of Kyzylorda branch of Open Society "Kazkommertsbank", the first deputy of board chairman of JSC "Kazkommertsbank".

In 2003-2005 - chief executive of Open Society "ARNA Corporation", later as chairman of directors board of JSC "ARNA Corporation".

In 2005-2006 - director of state organization «Management of Special Economic Zone «Ontustik».

In 2006-2008 - akim assistant of South Kazakhstan Province

February, 2008 - 24, April, 2012 - Akim of Shymkent city.