Allium anisopodium

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Template:Speciesbox Allium anisopodium, also called thread-leaf chive,[1] is a plant species native to Siberia, the Russian Far East, Korea, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and northern China.[2]

Allium anisopodium is a perennial herb with a scape (round in cross-section) up to 70 cm tall. Leaves are about the same length as the scape. Flowers are purple.[2][3][4]

Two varieties are generally recognized:[5][2]

Allium anisopodium var. anisopodium --- Leaves, scape and pedicels smooth

Allium anisopodium var. zimmermannianum (Gilg) F.T. Wang & T. Tan[6] (syn: Allium zimmermannianum Gilg[7]) --- Leaves, scape and pedicels with a rough surface


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