Alijan Ibragimov

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Alijan Ibragimov (also known as Alidjan or Alidzhon Ibragimov; born 5 June 1954 in Kyrgyz SSR) is an Uyghur oligarch with Kazakh citizenship who is a member of a well-known circle of oligarchs in Kazakhstan known as the "Trio." The "Trio" comprises Ibragimov and his business partners, Alexander Mashkevich and Patokh Chodiev, active in the mining, oil & gas, and banking sectors in Kazakhstan. Ibragimov has been ranked #382 on Forbes’ list of world billionaires.

With his partners Chodiev and Mashkevich, Ibragimov is a major shareholder in Eurasian National Resources Corporation (ENRC), now one of the world's leading natural resources groups. ENRC, based in London, operates a number of metals assets in Kazakhstan and Africa, having acquired numerous mining operations in Eastern Europe and Africa. In 2009, ENRC generated a $1,462 million profit on sales of $3.8 billion.

ENRC was floated on the London Stock Exchange in December 2007, with a market capitalisation on Admission of approximately £6.8 billion.

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