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Template:Infobox stadium The Alau Ice Palace (Template:Lang-kk; Template:Lang-ru) is an 8,000-seat speed skating oval in Astana, Kazakhstan. Besides of speed skating it is also used for other sports. It was opened in 2011. The center hosted the speed skating events at the 2011 Asian Winter Games.[1] In 2015, it hosted the World Sprint Speed Skating Championships.[2] It was ranked first among the world’s speed skating stadiums according to the Dutch AD Sportwereld publication’s ranking.[3]

For judo it was the venue for the 2015 World Judo Championships in August 2015.


Construction of The Oval began in 2007, nearly four years after Astana and Almaty had been designated host of the 2011 Asian Winter Games. Construction was completed by the end of the summer of 2011, officially opening in December 2011, two months before the beginning of the Games. The Alau Ice Palace was designed as the first covered speed skating oval in Kazakhstan, and as the second ever speed skating venue after Medeo. Being domed, this would give the facility the ability to control climate conditions inside to produce the highest quality ice possible.[4] The Alau is an artificially frozen indoor skating rink with a standard speed skating track of 400 meters to the lap. The radii of the inner and outer competition lanes are 26 and 30 meters respectively. The width of each competition lane is 4 meters with an inside training lane of 4 meters.[5]

When not hosting speed skating competitions, The Oval is open to public skating and family day events.[6][7]

Track records

Event. Time Name Nation Date Ref
500 meters 34.52 Dai Dai Ntab Template:NED December 3, 2016 [8]
2 x 500 meters 70.000 Joji Kato Template:JAP February 2, 2011 [8]
1,000 meters 1:08.66 Shani Davis Template:USA November 30, 2013 [8]
1,500 meters 1:45.06 Denis Yuskov Template:RUS November 29, 2013 [8]
3,000 meters 3:39.36 Wouter olde Heuvel Template:NED November 26, 2011 [8]
5,000 meters 6:13.83 Sven Kramer Template:NED November 26, 2011 [8]
10,000 meters 12:50.40 Jorrit Bergsma Template:NED December 2, 2012 [8]
Event Time Name Nation Date Ref
500 meters 37.27 Lee Sang-hwa Template:KOR November 29, 2013 [8]
2 x 500 meters 76.090 Yu Jing Template:CHN February 2, 2011 [8]
1,000 meters 1:14.10 Brittany Bowe Template:USA February 28, 2015 [8]
1,500 meters 1:56.10 Christine Nesbitt Template:CAN November 26, 2011 [8]
3,000 meters 4:02.90 Martina Sáblíková Template:CZE December 2, 2016 [8]
5,000 meters 6:59.88 Martina Sáblíková Template:CZE November 29, 2013 [8]



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