Abay (town)

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Template:Infobox Settlement Abay (Template:Lang-kk) is a town (since 1961) located in central Kazakhstan, and has served as the capital of Abay District in Karaganda Region since 2002. Population: Template:Kz-census2009 Template:Kz-census1999

Abay was founded in 1949 as a coal mining settlement with the name Sherubay-Noora (Template:Lang-kz, Template:Lang-ru, Churubay-Nura). In 1961, it was renamed Abay, after Abay Qunanbayuli, a Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher.


In 2014 a team from Abay participated in the national championships in bandy for junior players born in 1996 and younger.[1]